About Dr. Deadlock

I'm a self made bass player and played and sung in countless punk, new wave and other bands since 1980.
In 1990 I already started to mix the jamaican toasting style with european sounds and crossover reggae in one of my old bands Hotblack Deseato.
Since 1992 I'm in vocalist in Germany's legendary Ska band Bluekilla, one of the longest running SKA bands in this whole wide world. I played over 500 gigs in 11 european countries and Australia where I gained live experience, collected records and made friendship all around the world of SKA.
I call more than 2500 records my own, most of them in vinyl, and more than 600 records are SKA or SKA related records which include also a few self produced records. Since 1994 I arranged, recorded and produced eight LPs, 3 EPs and several singles for my bands Bluekilla and Anger Management League. Most of the material was composed by myself.

Anger Management League - Clashed by the AML
(Vinyl, 2007, Blue Esquire Records, 500 copies)

Bluekilla - Ska Is Our Business
(CD & Vinyl, 1999, Pork Pie)

When I was a little Amedeo of 6 years age, I taught myself to ride a bike cause no one else would show me how to do that. I was watching others using this vehicle and understood that it was the perfect way of moving from A to B, without a driving license. Even when I made my license as a young man, I never was convinced that driving cars was superior to riding a bike. As a 14 year old kid I dreamed of a career in the professional bike circus and of a triumph in Tour de France. But not Eddy Merckx or Didi Thurau, a young German biker who was the first German who had the blink of a chance to win the Tour but never did, were my idols. It was Francesco Moser, the italian world champion and by that time the holder of the hour world record. I bought myself a "Cicli Moser" road racer and started racing without big success. A few good positions in track racing and team time racing in reginal championships was just as good as it gets. I stopped racing when punk & SKA came to my life. Music was overwhelming and I sold my Moser. I wish I didn't but I needed the money for a 1979 Fender Precision Bass.
Next bike was a F2 Mountainbike, one of the first MTBs available in Germany. It was also the only bike that has been stolen. I hate bike thieves! After a McBike in the 90s and a CUBE AMS Pro in the 00s I turned my back on MTBs and bought myself a trekking bike for a fortune. Now I'm a big Amedeo and I'm travelling Germany and Italy by bike. There's nothing better that this, except that music called SKA.